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The Dragon Boat Festival


The Dragon Boat Festival

On the morning of June 6, when the annual Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, boxes of Dragon Boat Festival Gift Boxes full of company's love and blessings "rush" to various posts of Guangzhou Yiqile Equipment Co., Ltd., and pass them to every cadre and worker.

In order to facilitate grassroots workers to receive Dragon Boat Festival benefits, the company's activities department staff went to the front line of various units, orderly distribution. Boxes of delicate Dragon Boat Festival Gift Boxes filled with Traditional Chinese rice-pudding and salted duck eggs are continuously distributed to workers. Employees who receive welfare are overflowing with joy. They say that although Traditional Chinese rice-pudding are small, they have deep blessings. The welfare distribution of Dragon Boat Festival is the company's affirmation of everyone's hard work this year. It not only makes everyone feel the atmosphere of the Festival ahead of time, but also integrates the company's strong care into the fragrance of Traditional Chinese rice-pudding.

In the evening also held a Dragon Boat Festival dinner, in advance to celebrate the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival!

Yiqile wish you all have a healthy and well Dargon Boat Festival!