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Yiqile electric toys are mainly used for naughty castle and amusement parks, such as electric trains, bullfight, bumper cars, merry-go-round.

The applicable places for these electric toys are amusement parks, game rooms, hotels, Relax Resort, supermarkets, parks, residential areas and so on.

In addition to the use of environmentally friendly LLDPE for children's bumper cars, other products are made of fiberglass material. This kinds of product is a recreational device with strong participation, and children can experience different senses. Small train can take the children to browse the nearby site, enjoy the scenery; Bullfighting will bring them to a sense of stimulation, exercise the balance of the body; Children in the process of playing bumper car will be touching, rubbing, bumping, and feeling to surprise. It is very suitable for children to enjoy adventure and experience stimulation; The cartoon style of the merry go round makes children seem to be in the fairy tale world.

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